Everything below is outdated :) I really don't have the time to update this. Most important update is that I am a part of the LearnWorlds team now.

Hello, I'm Nikos, I am a programmer and I like everything "Computer Science".

I am happily employed at Cs Circles, without a doubt the best programming company In Cyprus. I am programming 12 hours per day, eirther on my projects on Cs Circles or on pet projects at home. I love everything OpenSource, PHP, Linux and although I am a developer I really like managing Linux machines.

I have designed and implemented several types of software. I believe in keeping things simple, always have the big picture in mind and never overreach.

Finally I believe that a computer scientist is not just someone that can design good software, but can also implement it. I believe that a mediocre idea with an excelent implementation is far more valuable than a superb idea with poor implementation. In a sentence, "Ideas are cheap, implementation is everything"

I can work with almost any language, but I am fluent at Php and Java. I love frameworks like Symfony, Codeigniter and Laravel, and I even created my own CMS from scratch based on Codeigniter ideas.

That process has given me a unique prospective on designing software architecture which is very a different process than just programming.

I also like everything related with IT Security. I have much experience writting custom exploits and mass scanners for specific vulnerabilities. I like testing the limits of application and find ways to bypass limitation.






December 2014 - Present

Cs Circles

Software Developer

I currently work at Cs Circles Cyprus branch. This is by far the most challenging and interesting job I ever had. My responsibilities include designing and implementing PHP and Linux software, networking and lots of IT Security, analyzing protocols, filtering traffic etc.

We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team, if you live in Cyprus and are interested in working in a real IT Company please contact us.

June 2013 - December 2014

E.P. Creation Services

PHP Backend Developer

In my work in E.P. Creation Services I worked as a PHP Backend Developer. My work included managing – developing and implementing new features on all Louis Group websites including 10 sites of Louis HotelsĀ  the LGS Handling intranet and a lot more smaller projects.

2011 - Current

Systems Adminstrator

Systems Administrator for hosting company. My work in involves Linux administration, backups, Virtualization, configuration of Linux servers (Ubuntu and Centos), CPANEL, DirectAdmin etc.

2005 - 2010

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Volos Greece

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department in Volos (Computer and Communications Engineering then), one of the top in the Country was challenging and fun. Big demanding projects and lots of labs, gave me the maximum I ever dreamed of receiving from my university years.

The department was relatively new, and what was really good about it was that most Professors came fresh out from the IT industry. While specialized in software I acquired a deep understanding of Hardware, Math and Electrical Engineering.

Quality magic lectures from the best teachers, attention to every detail and a deep dive into all subjects is what makes this school perfect for future engineers.

Programming Languages

Excellent Knowledge of:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • C
  • Linux Shell scripting.

Some Experience with:

  • Python (Getting better thought)
  • Perl (Will probably never get better šŸ™‚ )
  • C++ (Gets better only if someone pays me lots of money)
  • C#
  • ProLog.

Systems Administration:

Very good knowledge of

  • Linux
  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Environment
  • Apache/nginx web server configuration
  • DNS Configuration
  • CPANEL/DIRECTADMIN/KLOXO/ISPConfig/Clean Linux Configuration and maintenanceĀ  with both APACHE and nginx (standalone or as a Reverse Proxy).
  • Much Experience with MySQL Optimization in large databases (over 10GB)
  • OpenVZ Server Virtualization
  • Local/remote server backups, rsync differential backups for various Linux basedĀ  Web Hosting Control Panel Systems.
  • Have much experience with hi-demand, hi-traffic websites and experiment with various caching engines including but not limited to: Smarty, Custom PHP file caching, mysql output caching, nginx output caching to RAM through linux tmpfs and memcached with php.


Very Good Knowledge:

  • Symfony2
  • Codeigniter PHP MVC Framework
  • Ajax, HTML
  • CSS
  • SOAP
  • memcached
  • Active Record database programming
  • jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CakePHP PHP Framework, Symfony 2, Laravel,Ā  jQueryUI, XML, json
  • Mobile Applications Development (IOS, Android, with PhoneGap framework, jQuery Mobile)
  • Parallel programming with Java/C/C++, OPENMP, MPI

Some Experience

  • Plone CMS
  • Neural Networks
  • SNMP
  • Very good knowledge of many SEO techniques, in page optimization, link building etc, undertaken many projects with excellent results.

Other technologies I have worked with:

  • Supervisord
  • beanstalkd
  • Selenium
  • Thrift.
  • Software & Tools
  • Apache, Git, WordPress, Joomla, Dreamweaver, Opencart, Mathematica, Matlab
  • Some Knowledge of: Photoshop, Fireworks
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